President :
President: Jenny da Silva Faca, MEd - Psych, United Kingdom; Past President: Dr. med. Ursula (Uschi) Helle, Germany;  Newsletter Editor: Dr. Maggie Phillips, Ph.D - United States of America; Treasurer and Secretary: Dr. Woltemade Hartman, Ph.D - South Africa

Country Representatives

Austria: Eva Pollani M.Sc, Mathias Mende Ph.D and Susanna Hausleitner-Jilch ; Australia: Peter Richard-Herbert MA Psych;
Denmark: Anne-Marie Harnum MA
Germany:Silke Grossbach and Claudia Müller-Quade Dipl.-Psych. ; France: Guillaume Poupard Ph.D; Israel:Joseph Meyerson M.A.
                                 Japan: Yoshikazu Fukui M.A. and Satoko Koyama M.A.; Poland: Kris Klajs;  Sweden: Susanna Carolusson M.Sc and Sofia Strand;
Switzerland: Silvia Zanotta Ph.D and Max Schlorff Dipl.Psych.
United Kingdom: Dr. Heleen Malherbe, DPhil and Jenny da Silva Faca, MEd- Psych; United States of America: Dr. Maggie Phillips, Ph.D