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Dr Maggie Phillips  

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Dear Ego State Colleagues, Therapists, and Friends,

Welcome again to our ESTI Newsletter, the heart of connection and communication within the Ego State Therapy International community!

Please remember to visit our website and to refer friends and colleagues as well: 

We will continue to add resources there and invite you to submit relevant news as well as articles and other items of interest to me directly at, along with any questions or suggestions you might have for this newsletter.

One of the changes that has occurred recently is that newly certified members now have their own place on our website. You may now find them listed by country .

This issue finds ESTI operating under the new executive board, which assumed its position in April. Our new president is Dr. Ursula (Uschi) Helle, our president-elect is Jenny da Silva, our secretary/treasurer is Dr. Wally Hartman, and our past-president is Heleen Malherbe.

You will find my interview of our new president, Dr. Uschi Helle, in the lead-off position in this newsletter. I hope you will welcome her to her new role and am sure you will cooperate with her whenever possible.

Following this interview is global news on upcoming Ego-State training opportunities in various countries. I hope you will take a little time to note the breadth and depth of our Ego state offerings and make your colleagues aware of upcoming opportunities.

Our Clinical Corner follows which features clinical innovations in Ego-State Therapy. Dr. Silvia Zanotta, co-chair of EST Switzerland, presents a case which will be featured in her new book, to be published in September, I am Whole Again: Multimodal Trauma Healing with Ego-State Therapy and Body Wisdom. Dr. Susanna Carolusson reports the results of a survey of colleagues who have completed EST training in Sweden, and Dr. Peter Richard-Herbert announces his new Ego State Analysis (ESA) approach.

We also include an Update on ESTI Certification Requirements, which will be implemented starting in January, 2019, and will include future changes in this newsletter.

Our new reward feature continues in this edition. In order to encourage you to develop the habit of reading the ESTI Newsletter, we are adding a bonus box in the newsletter. All you need to do is to click on the indicated link, which will take you to the bonus itself. This edition’s bonus is a video of a webinar with Wendy Lemke, who specializes in hypnotic EST and me. The topic is Somatic Ego-State Therapy: Creating Unity in an Age of Divisiveness.

I hope that this newsletter continues to support you in making outstanding contributions to healing with your clients, families, communities, and our divided earth.

Warmest wishes,
Maggie Phillips
ESTI Newsletter Editor