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Dear Ego State Colleagues, Therapists, and Friends,

Welcome again to our ESTI Newsletter, the primary vehicle for connection and communication within the Ego State Therapy International community!

I remind you to visit our website, and to refer others as well: . We will continue to add resources there and invite you to submit articles or items of interest by sending them to me at, as well as any questions or suggestions you might have.

In this issue, you will find a letter from our president, Dr. Heleen Malherbe, with her reflections on Jack and Helen Watkins that influenced and shaped her professional development. I hope others of you will also share your connections with the Watkins; even though they are no longer with us physically, they live on as creators of the Ego State foundation upon which we build. This will become a regular feature of each newsletter, so if you are lucky enough to have real-life memories, as well as valuable second-generation perspectives, please let us know.

Heleen also has shared information about our newly certified Ego-State therapists so please welcome them to our global community as evidence that our network is continuing to expand.

You will also find ESTI global news as well as announcements of activities and offerings from individual countries. Please make sure that your country is represented by contacting me directly with news. The deadline for the next bi-annual newsletter will be June 1st, 2017.

And finally, I have contributed a commentary on the last published paper written by my long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Claire Frederick, MD, on "Beyond Empathy: The Tree of Compassion with Malevolent Ego States." As many of you know, Claire and I studied and taught with the Watkins for many years and based our book, Healing the Divided Self, on their work. This paper was published in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis shortly after her death in early 2016.

Since you must be a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis to access this paper, my commentary will allow you to become familiar with the material presented.

I wish all of you a prosperous, satisfying New Year. During this particular year with all of its cresting global unrest and divisiveness, I can think of no better means of healing than Ego- State Therapy. Here's hoping that all of us will find creative and effective ways to contribute to that cause during 2017!

 Warmest wishes, Maggie Phillips

ESTI Newsletter Editor: ESTI Executive Board Member