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Dr Maggie Phillips  

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Dear Ego State Colleagues, Therapists, and Friends,

Welcome again to our ESTI Newsletter, the heart of connection and communication within the Ego State Therapy International community!

Please remember to visit our website and to refer friends and colleagues as well.

We will continue to add resources there and invite you to submit EST news, cases, articles and other items of interest to me directly at, along with any questions or suggestions you might have for this newsletter.

I want to remind you that newly certified members have their own place on our website. You may find them listed by country on the certified therapists page.

Because our organization is continuing to grow so rapidly, we suggest that you look for regional news related to specific Ego-State Therapy trainings by visiting the websites of the various institutes listed below:
Australian Ego State Therapy Association:
Ego State Therapy Austria:
Ego State Therapy Switzerland:
Milton H. Erickson Institutes of South Africa (MEISA):
Ego State Therapy Institute Rheinland:
Institute: Susanna Carolusson, Sweden:
Institut für Traumatherapie und Egostate, München, Germany:
Wiesbadener Trauma Institut,
Woltemade Hartman Institut für Ego-State-Therapie:
Hamburger Institut für Traumatherapie – HIT,Germany
Institut für Klinische Hypnose und Ego-State-Therapie, Berlin – IFHE:
Milton Erickson Gesellschaft Austria – MEGA:
Milton Erickson Institut Graz:
Intakkt Psychological Solutions, Krefeld:
Ego State Therapy Japan:
Ego-State Therapy-Deutschland:
Ego State Therapy North America:

Our reward feature continues in this edition. In order to encourage you to develop the habit of reading the ESTI Newsletter, we add a bonus box in the newsletter. All you need to do is to click on the indicated link, which will take you to the bonus itself.

I hope that this newsletter continues to support you in making outstanding contributions to healing with your clients, families, communities, and our divided earth.

Warmest wishes,

Warmest wishes,
Maggie Phillips
ESTI Newsletter Editor