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Dr Maggie Phillips  

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 Dear Ego State Colleagues, Therapists, and Friends

 A warm welcome again to our ESTI Newsletter, the heart of connection and communication within the Ego State Therapy International community!

 Please remember to visit our website and to refer friends and colleagues as well:

We will continue to add resources there and invite you to submit relevant news as well as articles and other items of interest to me directly at, along with any questions or suggestions you might have for this newsletter.

This issue finds us in transition between the previous executive board and the one that will take office officially in April, 2018.

 In this issue, you will find a note from our outgoing president, Dr. Heleen Malherbe. I know you will join me in appreciation for what she has accomplished the last two years.

You will also find a note from our new president, Dr. Ursula (Uschi as she is called) Helle, who has penned a greeting to you as she prepares to take office.

This is followed by a list of new colleagues who have completed the requirements for Ego State Therapist, and in some cases, supervisor and trainer. Some of them have included information and photos, and we hope others will follow in time for the next newsletter.

Our global news on upcoming Ego State training opportunities in various countries comes next. I hope you will take a little time to note the breadth and depth of our Ego state offerings.

 A special feature follows, one that will become a permanent fixture hereafter in the newsletter. This is the Clinical Corner, which will feature clinical innovations in Ego State Therapy. Dr. Eva Pollani has submitted a case synthesizing Ego-State Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Auditory Integration Training.

 Finally, a very new feature is included in this newsletter. In order to encourage you in the habit of reading the ESTI Newsletter, I am adding a bonus box in the newsletter. All you need to do is to click on the indicated link, which will take you to the bonus itself. This edition’s bonus is a video of a recent 3-way discussion on Fragmentation and How to Work with it, featuring Dr. Janina Fisher, Kathy Steele, and myself. Enjoy!

 I hope that this newsletter supports you in making outstanding contributions to healing with your clients, families, communities, and our divided earth.

 Warmest wishes

 Maggie Phillips, ESTI Newsletter Editor