Ashkan Anbarzadeh (Iran) and Joosten Theerman (Germany), both Master Students in Psychology, are attending to the social media platform for the broader Ego State Therapy community. Please consider following us on social media to help reach the following objectives:

  • To facilitate international EST connections
  • To share information about EST events worldwide
  • To share ideas about Ego State Therapy
  • To build bridges between the Ego State Therapy community and other psychotherapy communities for example SE, EMDR, TA, IFS, PVT, etc.
  • To market EST as a psychotherapeutic modality 

Facebook: Ego State Therapy Community :

 Instagram: @Estinternational:

 YouTube: Ego state therapy international: 

On Facebook you can create a post and share it with others. It will be very interesting if we can also have some discussion about Ego State Therapy theory and practice on Facebook. 

On Instagram you can tag @Estinternational in your own posts/stories. Ashkan will be able to re-share these posts/stories. You are welcome to send him information or photos about your EST experiences/practice/training events etc. and he will post them for you on Instagram. His email address is:

German speaking colleagues are welcome to send information in German to Joosten Theerman at , he will then forward it to Ashkan. 

Ashkan is planning to do some interviews and share more videos about EST on YouTube. He needs more material to really build a professional EST YouTube channel. Please send him videos, speeches, interviews and podcasts about EST. You can upload it on Dropbox, google drive or any other online platform and forward him the link. He will download and edit it for the YouTube channel. Also please contact him if you are available for an interview related to Ego State Therapy. Email: