The ESTI Youth Committee is chaired by Marina Frei ( ) and the spokesperson is Joosten Theerman (

Intending to motivate younger generations who are interested in EST, this group will provide opportunities for young Ego State Therapists between the ages of 20 to 35 to develop their creative ideas as they study and practice. The committee will also contribute new ideas to the ESTI board members. Some initial ideas suggested  for the committee are: ESTI book clubs, ESTI article discussions, Peer supervision groups, ESTI talks and interviews, ESTI Podcasts and content writing for social media.The youth committee members may be student researchers with creative research ideas that need to be developed. This group may also provide an encouraging space for students to be actively working on their ideas with support from experienced ESTI trainers and researchers.

The current members of the Youth Committee are:  Ashkan Anbarzadeh (Iran), Joosten Theerman (Germany), Nadine da Cal (UK), Merit Aschwaden (Switzerland), Marina Frei (Switzerland), Nicholas Zammit (Australia),  Cem Dogan (Türkiye) and Esra Canpolat (Türkiye).